Driven to make the world a better place. I am creative and imaginative in coming up with insightful solutions to meaningful problems.


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Cerro de Plata is the strategic alternative for those who are searching for more than graphic solutions. We offer differentiation, innovation, growth, and legacy.



We just have one rule:

push the limits. always choose experimentation and being nice above money


Who is behind Cerro de Plata:

Vík: Iceland

Vík: Iceland

Leiry Serón

Brand Experience Designer and UX Strategist

Born in Honduras, Central America in 1991. Her background includes studies and work in visual communication, graphic design, and strategic thinking. Leiry is passionate about elevating design and using it as a transformative tool. She is an explorer and translator of experiences: sensing the world, questioning borders and challenging production and value systems. She’s not interested in the “what if?” but instead in the “how else?”. She seeks inspiration by traveling, documenting, and by building relationships with interesting people.

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BA Visual Communication. UNITEC Honduras

BA Graphic Design. UNITEC Honduras

MA Design: Explorations and Translations. Listaháskoli Íslands Iceland (Awarded Pálmi Jónasson Conservation Fund Grant 2016-2017)

What press says:

Hondureña Leiry Serón, diseñadora en Islandia

“Me acababa de graduar de la universidad y quería experimentar una cultura nueva y diferente” expresa Leiry, quien tres años después y a sus 26 años de edad, ha logrado impactar a los pobladores del noreste de Europa con sus trabajos de Diseño Gráfico y Editorial.


What clients say:

I am highly indebted to Leiry Serón for becoming the visual voice of my design concept and the patience and dedication she put to the illustrations and photo compositions. She is a true artist. María Saenz


Previous clients:

Icelandic startups. Gullegid. AUS. Jablo Productions. Jurek Jablonicky. Kaapeh Café. Crossroads Kitchen. SWIFT Studio. REC NIGHTS. Serendipitours. Amazylia. Secret Solstice Music Festival.



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