Growth Hack 01: Create Content.


For the past two months, I have been watching and studying Gary Vee’s content. For any one who doesn’t know who he is and is an entrepreneur, building up your own business, or just someone who isn’t into working for other people, you should definitely check out his content. If I could define him in just one word, it would be practicality.

He always talks about the concept of “Document, don’t create”. And what he means by this is just sharing from your perspective, talking from experience only, documenting your process as you go and as you learn. There is always going to be someone interested about knowing the journey behind a product they consume.

The point is to create content not from a “perfectionist” perspective, where everything has to be perfect and hyper produced, but from a “documenting ” perspective. This shift in mindset is essential to start showcasing your expertise effectively. Another detrimental thing when starting to create content is finding your platform. Being aware of which platform comes the easiest and most natural to you.

In my case, the initial strategy was to start creating content on Youtube. When I set out to do it however, I found out that I wasn’t able to spend time on the editing and production needed to create a video for Youtube. And so instead, I started replicating what my favorite designers and strategists (Jonathan CourtneyRan Segall, @myrin20, Chris Do are doing: being transparent about their day to day, providing value in the content they put out, and talking in a very casual way to the camera through Instagram stories, IGTV, or Youtube.

 One month of creating content on IG and Linked in: 365.9% growth.

One month of creating content on IG and Linked in: 365.9% growth.

And once you’ve figured out your platform, you can go ahead and figure out your audience. Understanding where the people who want to know more about you and want to work with you are, what they like to do, where they read their news, what brands they consume, to name a few, are powerful insights that can help you retain your current customers and attract new ones.

Understanding who my ideal users are is something I have always struggled with. Even when I was a design student, I would design proposals that were graphically beautiful, but that not were not designed with the final user in mind. If I had known about strategic frameworks and user profiling back then, I would have known what audience to direct my work to and convert it to revenue way faster.

I’ll now finish this article with a book recommendation: Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis. It gives insights into the growth and success of the biggest, most acclaimed products of our time, such as Facebook and Airbnb, and it provides a framework for thinking of non traditional marketing ways to drive growth for companies by understanding and focusing on their users and by taking advantage of crossfunctional collaboration.

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