From Iceland to Mexico City

Many of you have asked me what made me move from Iceland to Mexico City, and even before, what made me move from Honduras to Iceland?

My decisions have been anything but arbitrary. Since I was a visual communication and design student back in 2012, I have been interested in experiencing cities from the point of view of architecture and design, exploring first hand the different types of freedoms and unfreedoms they provide to their people. 

Even before arriving in Reykjavík, I knew I would always want to go back. When I finally arrived, this city by the sea became a place of experiments for me. I was taught to always ask why and I was taught to get paid for thinking. I had always enjoyed the process of creating graphics and visuals, but I realized I enjoyed even more the research, collaborative exchange of ideas, and strategy that led to it. Suddenly, the concept of a graphic designer as just a "maker and order taker" that we get taught in school became distant to me. I was way more interested in becoming a design strategist, a design consultant who could connect the dots and come up with solutions to problems where others can't. Someone who has the rare capability of being both rational and intuitive at the same time to come up with innovative possibilities for individuals, organizations, businesses, cities, or even for whole regions of the world. 

I believe in my knowledge and skills, but these aren't everything. Once I left my Master Programme in Iceland, I had no longer a community of creative people surrounding me everyday or giving me feedback on my work. I wanted nothing but to sorround myself with people who value design and all the creative process and thought that goes into creating something. Whether it is photography, fashion styling, music, graphic design, architecture, or any creative field, I hold the value of your thoughts and the creative process above anything. And this is a shift I really hope we get to see in schools and workplaces. We should be getting taught and getting paid for how to think instead of just how to make. 

I came to Mexico City with the idea of building a community of people which whom I could work and share ideas with. People who think alike, understand the value of creating something, and who know that it is only by having the option of being completely free that you can reach your highest potential as an individual. It might seem like an obvious concept to some, but it didn't seem that obvious while growing up in Honduras.

For now, I really wish to continue building up my path as an independent design consultant in Mexico City and anywhere in the world. I also want to start a Youtube channel directed toward young graphic designers and talk about things that could range from how to build your portfolio to my thoughts on design education. And finally, I would really like to bring an editorial project to life. I would like to recycle what once was Saku Magazine and build it on a Latin American level to try to give latinamerican creative youth a voice and a home.  

For now these are all works in progress and ideas, but I'll definitely keep you posted on their evolution through social media and on my Youtube channel. And if you wish to collaborate with me or work together in any way, please do contact me or refer me to someone who might want to.

Until next time.