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Structured step by step system for solving big problems as a team in one week. 

Good for businesses who want: to save money, save time, business model validation, organizational change, digital transformation, increase sales, build a new website, launch a new product, or are unsure about how to best execute a new idea.


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Lightning decision jam

A short one-hour workshop to solve internal team problems as fast as possible.

Good for businesses who want: Solutions without discussions, giving a system to the messiness of working in a group, prioritize problems, make solutions actionable, or want a taste of the Design Sprint without diving into it fully.



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brand experience design

An in-depth business strategy facilitation and branding development. Dive deep into discovering your brand’s user profiles, user journeys, anticipate your user’s needs, your brand attributes, brand positioning, and establishing goals.

Good for businesses who: Are just starting out and want to define their audience and positioning statement, need coaching on business strategy and brand development, need content development, marketing services, need a design of brand identity, visual language, brand guidelines, logotype systems, and web consulting.


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